Friday, August 9, 2024 9:00PM - August 10 5:00AM
Doors open at 8:00 PM

By The Land of Narrrnia • [email protected]

Double Sploosh After-Party!
Price: $20.00
Fees: $2.35, Total: $22.35

Donation Tier 1: The Peanut Gallery
Price: $30.00
Fees: $2.86, Total: $32.86

Donation Tier 2: Bar Galley
Price: $40.00
Fees: $3.38, Total: $43.38

Donation Tier 3: The Big Show!
Price: $50.00
Fees: $3.89, Total: $53.89


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“Nobody ever wins a fight.” – Road House

...Except, when you enter The Land of Narrrnia, everybody wins and a choreographed fight scene is the tough love embrace we all need to release our inner angsty NARRR!


In 1989, a standard for Road House was set in this movie quote:

"All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it's absolutely necessary. And three, be nice."

Now 35 years later, we will create a new standard for our Radical Audio Visual Experiences here at The Land of Narrrnia, as we present to y'all a production with choreography and special effects that will kick your dancing boots into an immersive experience at our exclusive and handcrafted Double Sploosh Saloon; together we will instigate and cool off at NarrrHouse!

This event will kick off with an array of comedic skits, live music, sultry dance acts, fight choreography, and our own top notch performers ready to tantalize all of your senses into a harmony that Hollywood can only imagine as a Blockbuster premiere. As we approach midnight, we will climax together in a symphony of fake bar fight magic, the Double Sploosh Saloon will then transform into our favorite space for all night dancing and all the Narrrnia magic we love to share with everyone.


NarrrHouse! is a B-rated movie style production with a bonus dance party for all guests to enjoy at whatever level you wish to participate! ------------>>>

*If you want to be part of Narrrnia history and full send the night to the max, grab your passes for THE BIG SHOW TIER. With this option, you will have the best seats in the house along with your own specially made sugar glass bottle to throw at the caged DJ booth as you express your inner Narrr and stoke the fire of the bar fight. You can also choose to come and train for some special moves in our big fight scene climax! THE BIG SHOW guests will get to be part of our filmed production as fully costumed participants in our biggest show at Narrrnia yet!

*For those who wish to watch this show and jump into the action periodically, we have your tables and seats in THE BAR GALLEY TIER. Located slightly adjacent to the main fight floor, you can relax off camera and then when it tickles your pickle, choose to jump up and get your own sugar glass bottle to enter the saloon and smash in Hollywood magic style. After you get your rocks off, you can slyly slip back into the galley, safe and sound from all coordinated altercations.

Our final area is out of the Sploosh zone and completely off camera and recordings. If this production sounds like an amazing theatrical performance that you would love to see in full from a viewing distance only, THE PEANUT GALLERY TIER is for you! These seats will be up in our mezzanine, and while you view this incredible spectacle, your role is to be a dedicated spectator with of course, your inherent opportunity to heckle and holler from the deck at all the glorious controlled chaos you have been privy to.


For the NarrrHouse! experience, we’re taking the Radical Audio Visual Experience to to a Swayze-ing and stimulating night of comedic artistry and dedicated safety consciousness, that will result in a Battle Royale ready to roundhouse kick your Independence Day weekend into a true American dream.

This event will be unlike anything else we have ever attempted. We are asking you, the guests, to choose your level of participation and come help us create a piece of art. In true Road House style we plan to host our very own bar fight! Your highly regaled and award-winning N.I.P.S. (Narrrnia’s Illustrious Preparation Specialists) team is crafting a creation of epic proportions guaranteed to wrangle your primal needs and satisfy your summer with sensational stunts, hand-crafted props and sets, and a Road House inspired rumble that will galvanize the Denver Music Underground.

Leading up to this event, we will transform Narrrnia into a rough and tumble saloon complete with a variety of props that allow us to create a coordinated altercation narrative set to a soundtrack brought to you by championed DJ’s perfectly selected to bring the fight to your dancing boots.

This is one event that you will want to plan to arrive at early. From 9 PM - 12 AM, the saloon will have table seating– Complete with bottle service– You know… like the kind you can throw at the DJ! In the spirit of choosing your own adventure, you can decide how close to the action you want to be and your level of participation in the performance floor.


*DONATION TIER 1: Peanut Gallery - If you prefer to simply be a spectator and watch the mayhem ensue then it’s the Peanut Gallery for you. From the comfort of the cuddle puddle you can watch the performance as it unfolds. Come early for best seating selection.

*DONATION TIER 2: Bar Galley - If you want to be a little more in the action, but not actually in harm's way check out the Bar Galley seating. Purchasers of these seats WILL have the opportunity to be in the video and have the option to purchase bottles to throw at the DJ’s.

*DONATION TIER 3: The Big Show! - These seats will put you in the middle of the wildest bar left in the west. Each ticket purchased comes with 1 bottle specially prepared so you can throw it at the DJ! And our servers are happy to bring you more as desired. When the fight breaks out you will be in the tussle. All purchasers of these seats will receive additional instructions and brief choreography/safety training prior to the event.


There are LIMITED numbers of tickets for each tier as we are exclusively inviting our core Narrrnia supporters! This is a private event for y'all.

All tiers available NOW! at:


Costumes will be required for anyone who purchases a Tier 2 or Tier 3 donation. In these tiers, you will be required to sign a video/photography release form as you will be a part of the performance.


Shortly after midnight, when the performance ends, we will remove the tables and chairs so there is more room to dance and party the night away. Guests from all tiers will be free to move about the building once we clean up the mess.
DJ Lineup TBA very soon with some of the best artists born to bring the fireworks to the music through Breaks and Drum N Bass that will wrassle the dance floor together at a legendary Narrrnia experience.

The Land of Narrrnia is always 21+ and BYOB.

Special Notice: This event has been inspired by the great Patrick Swazye’s performance in the original Road House movie. We encourage everyone to watch that film and learn to be a Cooler. If you happen to come across the modern remake, don’t waste your time. That new movie somehow forgot what the original was actually about. At NarrrHouse! we’re going all out and doing everything from Sway-to-Ze in our power to provide you with an unforgettable immersive experience. We've been formulating the ideas and plans for this event since we first opened our doors here a decade ago, and we are satiated in excitement to bring this dream to your Independence Weekend future memories!