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Event Ticketing

Multipass ™ is a self-managed ticketing platform that provides promoters, venues, nonprofits, and festivals the ability to sell tickets, market their events, run and manage groups, and charge subscriptions for memberships or patrons.

Our services can use QR codes, branded access cards, or traditional guest lists with an efficient modern twist. You can use MP to notify your audience about last minute opportunities, even on a busy weekend night.

Multipass is all you need to manage your events with ease.

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Value For Your Events

  • Free Events have no fees. Optionally request donations
  • Low Fees: No setup fees. 5% + $1.29, which includes credit card processing
  • Support: Live customer support via phone, chat, email

Tiers and Payouts

  • Set up multiple ticketing price tiers for your event
  • Optional password protection or promo codes
  • Charge and get paid conveniently.
  • Direct payout pre- and post-event. Partial event payour prior to event are available for some established vendors

Selling Tickets

  • Sell one or more types and prices of tickets
  • Time-limited sales
  • Sell package deals (e.g. four tickets and a table)
  • Pre-sales for event merchandise
  • Attendees can share or transfer tickets, if you allow
  • Event ticket sales can be embedded on your own site using an iframe

Event Entry

  • Your customers can use their phone app, a printed/digital QR (email, app, printed)
  • Use Multipass cards (optional co-branding) for identification and ticket access
  • Cards have unique QR codes and NFC chips.
  • Use the mobile app to scan and sell tickets at the door.
  • Accept cash, cards, or other payments. Door sales paid in full immediately. (iOS/Android)

Membership Features

  • Member signup and management
  • Set up custom membership applications, require referals, vet your members
  • Import your members
  • Choose to provide tickets or events accessible only to members.
  • Set up automatic recurring membership billing.
  • Membership dues are paid in-full, immediately, to your account
  • Great for after-hours clubs and private organizations!


  • SMS and email marketing to your group or event.
  • Last minutes changes can be texted to attendees.
  • Exports for CRM integration.
  • Easy sync with your existing MailChimp account for event attendees or group members.

Good for Business

  • Payments processed through Stripe.com. We never touch card numbers, ensuring card safety. Stripe is a leader in PCI-compliant payments.
  • Review your sales data, promotion code usage, ticket tier breakdown, revenue, and more.

The Human Touch

We can help you set up your first event, customize ticket types, set up promo codes, work with you requested features, provide customizable group and ticket pages, work directly with ticket buyers to process refunds, and more. With live support over phone, email, text... you will experience humanity as you set up your event!

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