Set up Your Event

Congratulations on your event! Here are the steps to take to get set up on Multipass!

Step 1: Make a free account

People don't have to make accounts to get tickets but you do need one to run an event.

create an account here Already have an Account? Login!

Step 2: Consider making a free group

Will you have multiple events that are related? Consider making a group. This works well for organizations, companies, and venues. Having a group allows people to follow you and get notifications when you create new events. If you have mutliple events listed at once it provides a way to show them all in one place.

Start a Group here.

This step is not required, but it's recommended if you think you might do more than one event.

Step 3: Set up your payout information

If you are setting up a free event then you can skip this step. If you're selling tickets then you need to set up a way for us to get you paid. You can do this on your own account, through a group, or both. Each event will only be linked to one payout destination though.

We use for our secure payment processing. Make sure to validate if they require any extra steps. You can't get paid until you do.

Personal payout settings

For group payout settings please go your to your group, then "Manage Group", then "Stripe Account".

Set up your Event

Create your event. Most information is optional and you can get started with just an event name and a start date/time.

Create your Event

After you have made your event and are in the 'Manage' section, click 'Tickets' in the top event navigation to set up the types of tickets that you want to sell. All you need is a ticket type name and a price, the rest of the fields are optional.

After that you can explore the other features we offer for events.

Download the free app

At your event there are a few ways that you can validate tickets.

Within your event admin you can print a list of all tickets sold, complete with the names of others that people have assigned to tickets. If you're in the middle of nowhere and lack an internet connection this might be your choice. Cross names off the list as people arrive.

If you have connectivity you can download our free app from Google Play or from Apple App Store. Log in with your account, select 'Scan' from the menu at the bottom, then choose your event.

Within the app you can scan tickets that are printed or part of a digital PDF or you can let people in with their physical Multipass card. The cards have QR codes that you can scan with your phone camera as well as embedded NFC chips that your phone can read. Printed or PDF tickets are unique scans per ticket. Tickets linked to a Multipass card can all be accessed via the single card.