About Multipass

We're a Colorado company since 2021. There's a lot of pain in the event ticketing space and we decided it was time to introduce an alternative platform.

We Attend Events

We want smooth and streamlined ticket-buying experiences. We are sick of exhorbitant service fees. We want a platform that we ourselves would want to use to buy tickets. We want to be able to leave the ticket buying experience feeling good, and not dirty.

We Produce Events

Free events, concerts, art gatherings, parties, educational events, the members of Multipass are involved in throwing events as well. Our platform has to serve our needs. Our friends throw events and they push us to make the system everything they need as well.

We Are Tech People who Love Humans

Nobody likes talking to recorded voices on a phone line, or canned email responses. When you need help, a human will help you. When you use our site, it will be with user experience at the forefront of our minds. We want to be more than boxes on a screen, we want to help you get to know the humans that are creating events on our site, the humans and events that give life its meaning.

We Want to Help The World

Part of every sale is donated to a cause we believe in. Our service fees are already low, but 5% of the service fee will make a difference in the world. We will occasionally change out the recipient organization but some of our causes include: youth hunger, environmental science, and mental health. Our current cause is the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, a leader in mental health research.

There's a Better Way: Experience Humanity

As this world becomes more and more automated we choose to celebrate the things that give us reasons to live: humans and community. Through extremely competitive low fees and our human-centric support and experience we are trying to be more than a faceless ticketing platform. We are people helping other people form memories. We want you to take the first ticket selling/buying step with us and to leave our site feeling good. For the sake of our soul, there is a better way. Welcome to Multipass.