Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about buying and manageing tickets on Multipass!

How do I buy a ticket?

Use the link that the event shared, or browse our events page. Choose the type of ticket(s) that you want and add them to your order. Some events have questions you need to answer during the checkout process. Answer those, then proceed to payment. When your payment is complete, you have your tickets!

I see the event but the system won't let me buy a ticket. Why?

Some tickets are time-sensitive and are only available before/after certain dates, or both.

Some tickets have limited availability. If you try to add a ticket to your order and there are not enough remaining tickets available to complete your purchase then you will be told as much.

Once a ticket is in your order, you have ten minutes to complete your purchase. Until that time runs out, or until you manually release tickets from your order, the tickets are assigned to your checkout session.

Do I need to make an account to purchase tickets?

Generally, no. You have the option of creating an account during the checkout process, but you can checkout as a guest, with ease.

If you do make an account, and validate your email address, then you can use the app and also log into our website. This lets you access your tickets and, if your event allows, transfer them.

Why do I go to a different-looking page for payment?

We use for our payment processor. They are a leader in payment security, and the page you enter your payment information on is hosted on their servers. We never touch your credit card number!

How are my tickets delivered?

Upon ticket purchase, you will see a QR code on your receipt for each ticket purchased. Tickets will also be emailed to you; check the receipt email for a PDF attachment!.

Additionally, you can log into the website to access your ticket QR code, or log into our mobile appliction.

How do I transfer a ticket?

Log into the website, and under "My Account" you will see "My Tickets". Choose the event in question, then you will see the option to transfer one or more tickets. Certain events do not allow transfers, and certain events only allow certain types of tickets to be transfered.

You will need to know the email address of the person you want to transfer tickets to. Fill out the form, and they will be notified by email that a transfer has started. Until they accept the tickets, you will have the ability to cancel the transfer.

Transfers are not time-sensitive, although the event may choose to disable transfers at their discretion. If this happens, this usually take place immediately before an event.

How do I receive a ticket transfer?

You will receive an email notifying you that you have a pending transfer. To receive a transfer you must log into the website, making an account if needed. Upon logging in you will see your dashboard. If you see the last event page you viewed then choose "My Account" in the navigation, then "Dashboard".

The dashboard will prominently display that you have a transfer to recieve. Click the link to access the transfer, and a single click will allow you to receive it. The original ticket will be voided and a new ticket will be issued to you; this prevents fraud.

What do I need when I get to the event?

The fastest way to get through the door is to show up with a QR code for your ticket. This is displayed on your purchase receipt web page, in your receipt email as a PDF attachment, via the website, or via the mobile app.

Some events might choose to look you up at the door by name, at their discretion.

What's your refund policy?

Refunds are at the discretion of each individual event. During the checkout process you will see this stated multiple times. Contact the event to request your refund.

I have questions about an event or purchase, who do I talk go?

If you have questions about an event, please talk to the event host. If you are having issues with the site, you are welcome to talk to us at Multipass.

How does a ticket lottery work?

This is an upgraded version of a ticket purchase waiting room, but is more flexible. For a few days prior to ticket drop, people can go through the purchase flow and select what they are after. They will enter their credit card information and the amount will be authenticated and held. No charges happen at this time.

When the ticket drop takes place, all purchases are set to a random order, and tickets are processed so long as inventory remains. If you are chosen, the funds will be captured from your card, and the tickets will be issued.

How do I get a membership for an organization/group?

Each group has their own page on Multipass. If they are offering a membership option then you can access it from their page. Some groups require membership in order to meet the legal requirements of having a private event.

How do I manage my active memberships?

You can manage your membership from the group page you initially signed up through, or via the dashboard. Look for the menu header "Groups" and then choose "Manage Memberships".