Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about our services!

Are payouts immediate?

Money is deposited in real-time into your Stripe account. Multipass service fees are held, as are any payouts due to promoters, or income share accounts. You control your Stripe account, and the money sent to your Stripe is immediately yours.

How long do Stripe payouts take?

By default, Stripe accounts pay out on a rolling two day basis. Your very first payout from Stripe will take about seven days. This is a measure they put in place to prevent fraud. We recommend that when you set up your Stripe account, that you make a test purchase as soon as possible. This will ensure that your account is properly set up, and it will start the clock on your initial payout. The sooner you get to the rolling two day schedule, the better.

How does someone sign up as a promoter?

Make a free account on Multipass, if you don’t already have one. Link your payout bank account through Stripe. Click the button to activate your account as a promoter.

If you're a group, you still need to have the bank account linked; do that through your group admin. After that, click the button to activate your group as being a promoter.

In both cases, you will have links you can send people to, to get credit for ticket sales. If you're a group, promoted events will also show up on your group's page, and will be marked as affiliate events.

Are promoter payouts automatic?

Yes! When we payout your events we hold back the portion that the promoter is due, then pay out promoters on a daily basis. You will receive all of the money that you are due for your event, without having to worry about paying promoters that use our platform.

Keep in mind that if you cancel your event and issue refunds, you have already paid your promoters. This is rare, but it happens. It's up to you to decide if you want to try to get that money back or not. They did the work, but you no longer have the money they brought in. This process is not part of what Multipass can provide.

Can event income be split across multiple accounts?

Traditionally, the answer is no. In April 2024 we are launching a new Income Share program that plays out like the promoter payout system. When a purchase is made, we hold back the funds that you intend to pay out via income share. The balance remaining is sent directly to your Stripe account. On a daily basis, we pay out anyone we collected income share money for. This is not real-time, but it IS daily.

Can I password protect an event?

Yes! If you choose to do this, no information at all will be displayed unless the viewer enters the correct password.

Can I send out links with promo codes auto-applied?

Yes! This will have the same effect as the user typing in the promo code on your event page. Additionally, we provide QR codes that you can use for event links with embedded promo codes.

Can I embed a video into an event page?

We support embedding standard YouTube videos. Paste the URL into the video field and we'll take care of the rest.

Can I use Multipass for door sales?

Yes! This keeps all of your reporting in one place. You can choose to accept a variety of currency forms: cash, check, Venmo, external credit card (like Square), or you can get a card reader from Stripe and run your cards directly through our app. This keeps all your money in one place as well, and reduces the likelihood of theft or free admissions. Multipass has a few readers we can let you borrow for your event if you are in the Denver area.

Can I use Multipass for events with assigned seats?

Not at this time. You can have tiered ticket types for levels of admission (general, vip, balcony) but we do not currently support booking assigned seats.

Can I offer volume discounts on tickets?

Yes! You can use promo codes in a couple of ways to accomplish this. Set up a ticket type to have a certain minimum purchase quantity, used to enforce the 'volume' part of your volume discount. This ticket type can be shown to the public or unlocked by a promo code. Alternatively, set up a promo code with a discount, and apply a minimum quantity to it. The code will only apply if the minimum quantity is met.

I run an after-hours club and need to limit who can buy tickets to my event. How can I do this?

Set up a membership option for your group, preferably with a small monthly fee. This gives you an audit trail that a given person has an established relationship with your organization. You can create events and limit them to be members-only. Cap the maximum number of tickets someone can buy at one, if your jurisdiction requires that. If your area allows members to bring guests, you can be more flexible on that.

Can I use HTML and emojis in my event description?

Yes, to an extent. Emojis are supported, and any URLs in your description will automatically be make clickable. You can use <B> and <I> as additional HTML tags. Carriage returns will be converted to line breaks. We restrict additional tags in the interest of coherence and security.

I like your platform and want to refer you more business. What's in it for me?

Our eternal gratitude…. and money. This is done via our 'agent' program. We give you a cut of our service fee for any events you are the listed agent for. Additionally, if you recruit additional agents for us, you also get a cut of any business that they bring in. You can help introduce us to event producers, and/or you can leverage your connected network friends; we want to reward both types of connection. We do not currently go additional levels deep.

What's up with the Multipass cards? Can I get custom cards made?

Multipass cards are completely optional, but they are a fun aspect to our ticketing platform. If you get a card, you can link it to your account via our mobile app. After that, you can present your card at the door to Multipass events. It has a unique QR code and you can use it in lieu of individual ticket QR codes (sent via email, pdf, or via the site/app). If you run a group, we can also help you get custom-designed cards made that reflect your brand. These cards will still work for any Multipass event, but they can provide a feel-good element to being connected to your organization. It's a great addition too, if you offer paid memberships.

What does the mobile app do?

Our app has four main sections.

  • "Tickets" lets you retrieve any tickets that are linked to your account. You can present these QR codes to someone working the door at a Multipass event, for scanning.
  • "Scan" is for working the door. This lets you scan QR codes (via web receipt, emailed PDF, Multipass card, Multipass app, or printed), as well as being able to look people up by name with our quick filter system. Additionally, you can perform door sales within this part of the app, optionally accepting live credit card payments.
  • "Groups" allows you to scan a user's card or account QR to validate them as active group members.
  • "Account" is for your account and lets you pair a Multipass card, provide your agent link, unlink Multipass cards, and show your account QR code.

Additional functionality is available via our mobile-friendly website.

What's this about digital waivers?

You can prompt people to accept your terms and conditions during the checkout process. However, since tickets can be transferred, or purchased in volume, we also allow you to set your event up to require terms/waiver acceptance at the time of ticket scan. For each ticket, you can you require an electronic signature (finger squiggle) that is linked to each individual ticket that you authenticate. You can locate these waivers later via the event admin, including the ability to download or print the full waiver text and signature. Consult your local laws to ensure that this is enough to meet your needs in your jurisdiction.

What kind of events can you not support?

Our merchant provider Stripe has some requirements for the types of businesses they will service. Their terms of service do exclude certain types of business. If you have questions about this, talk to us and we'll give you candid advice. They are particular about adult business, but that will vary based on the details. They want to work with other businesses that are legal on the federal level. That means that where certain states have relaxed laws on certain substances, if they are federally illegal then you'll likely run afoul of Stripe's acceptable use.

Sales tax?

We support the collection of tax, but you have to specify your tax rates. With various jurisdictions and tax-exempt statuses, we provide the flexibility you need. Check into this to get it right! The money goes directly to your account, and you're legally responsible for anything you might owe.

You support good stuff, right?

In addition to supporting educational events, artistic events, music events, and more, we donate part of every sale to worthy non-profits. Thus far we have focused on the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, and their work in mental health research.

What are your fees?

Our service fees are $1.50 + 5% per ticket.

Can I have time-restricted tickets?

Yes! You can set optional start or end times for ticket availability. You can also set time or quantity restrictions on promo code use.

I want one page for my production but have multiple times on multiple days. Help!

We can absolutely service you! You have the flexibility to offer any ticket types you want for each time slot. It's also easy to set up one time slot and copy it to the next one, or to set up a full day and replicate that across multiple days.

How do ticket transfers work?

You can choose whether a given ticket type allows transfers. You might, for instance, choose to make VIP tickets, or volunteer tickets, non-transferable. For tickets that are transferable, the web site makes it easy to transfer to another email address. You can override the transferability status on a per-ticket basis if you need to. As an event admin, you can also see a list of outstanding pending ticket transfers.

I want my event location to be secret. How can I do this?

We have two ways, and one is more foolproof than the other. Enter your event's location and select a box that only displays the address to those who have purchased tickets. This method means you have nothing else to remember to do on event day. The other way is to send out a text message or email on the day-of, with location information. This does require you to remember to do this; if you forget then your ticket holders won't know where to go. We advise you use the first way, even though it reduces the duration of suspense :)

How about communicating last minute changes?

We have the means to send emails to all ticket holders. Additionally, we have integrated Twilio which will allow text message communication. This requires an extra step on your group account, please don't wait until the last minute for this.

I want a feature that you don’t have, or I have a suggestion….

Talk to us! We might already have what you're looking for, and we're always anxious to make things better! If we don't have it, we'd love to hear your suggestions. We can't promise to act on very suggestion but we have a pretty good track record. If we feel that your feature request will benefit our platform on the whole, there won't be a development charge. If you need something extremely customized, we're still willing to have that talk with you and can discuss contract work. s