Promotion and Street Team

We’ve made it easy to let you set your event up for cross-promotion, and for others to list and advertise it. Additionally, you can selectively choose individuals or specific groups/businesses/venues that can co-promote your event.

  • Let people set up as promoters and enter their own payout information
  • Let your event be shared across all promoters, or only some
  • Automated payout to promoters for tickets they are responsible for selling, whether it's on their own group page or with a referral link to yours.

Setting up as a Promoter

As a Group/Page/Business

Having a group will let you have a page where you are listing your own events as well as any that you are promoting for others. First set up a free group on Multipass. Think of this as your "doing business name". This can be a venue name, a group name, a company name, or just something like "Joe Smith Promotions".

Within your group admin there is a link on the left for Stripe Account. Clicking that will launch a Stripe process that will give us enough information to pay you what you earn. Stripe handles their side of this, including bank account information, and we make sure they money gets there.

Once you have a Stripe account set up, go to the Promote link in the group admin and click the button to register as a promoter!

As an individual

You can promote as an individual by linking to an event page and adding your promoter code at the end of the URL. (Don't worry, we provide this whole URL for you).

Click on Dashboard in the top nav, then Payout Settings. If you're on mobile you'll find that link in the top sub-navigation. On desktop it will be on the left. Go through the steps to link your bank account through Stripe. We never see your bank account information, but we do interface with Stripe to get you paid.

Back on the Dashboard, click Promoter Settings. The button "Click here to get started" will set your account up as being a promoter. If you haven't linked your Stripe account yet you'll have to do that first.

Allowing an Event to be Promoted

In your event admin, under the Manage Event section, there is a link for "Promotion". It's pretty easy. Turn the switch on if you want other people to be able to promote your event. If you want to pay a percentage of each sale, enter it in the field below. Click Save.

Under this is a list of promoters who have chosen to promote your specific event. The percent column is clickable and if you need to update someone's payout percentage, click that number and edit it.

Sharing Events

As a Group/Page/Business

Your group page will display any events that you have chosen to promote. If someone buys a ticket through your group page then you are automatically attached as the promoter, and will get your payout.

If you link to an event page and add your promoter code at the end of the URL, this will also attach you as being the promoter for a sale.

As an individual

Linking to an event page with your promoter code at the end of the URL will set you up as the promoter for a sale. Anyone following the link to an event page will be locked into your referral for their session, even if they bounce around the site a bit first before making their purchase. You can get the full URL to use from the Promoter Settings page, accessible from the Dashboard.

Selecting Events To Promote

As a Group/Page/Business

From the group admin, click on Promote in the navigation, then Find Events to Promote (big green button). You will see a list of events that are marked as being promotable. Click the event name to see more details, or click "Promote" to start promoting it!

As an individual

Click into Promoter Settings, then Find Events to Promote. Click from the list of available events to add them to the list of events you are promoting. You'll be provided with a specific URL to use that has your promoter id baked in.

Cash Flow

When someone buys a ticket through your promoter page or link, the event gets paid out everything they are due. Our service fee is held back, as well as any amount that is needed to pay the promoter. Every day we run a report, total up all of the promoter payouts, and make a transfer to that promoter's Stripe account. Once the money gets to Stripe, the default setting is for it to be automatically paid out to your bank within a day or two.

As an event, you get everything you are due. Your promoters are paid automatically and you don't have to do anything to hold back funds or to make those payments happen. It doesn't get any easier than this!

As a promoter, you get paid out daily for sales you generate. You don't have to haggle with event producers, or worry that money got tied up somewhere in the pipeline. Make a sale, get paid.