Ticket Lottery

Most events will not need this, but if you have an event where you think immediate demand will exceed availability, you can use our ticket lottery feature.


Set up your lottery in the event admin. Choose Manage, then Interest Form. On that page, select Lottery. The Interest List feature can be used to hold events with curated attendees, but that's another article.

Name your lottery, and enter an optional description. If you want to password protect the lottery, you can enter a password too. Finally, select the date that your lottery will take place.

You'll see a new lottery page with the fields you just filled out, as well as a summary of who has expressed interest. If anyone has, you can click and see that list along with their lottery status.

As event admins, you can monitor this list and remove people if they are unwelcome at your event.

User Experience

People looking to buy tickets will see that a lottery is in effect. They will complete the entire purchase process for the tickets they want, and their card will be authorized but not charged. They can complete this process any time in the six days prior to the lottery launch date, and they don't have to be online or in a virtual waiting room when tickets drop. Signing up in advance is all they have to do.

Anyone attempting to purchase tickets after the lottery selection process starts, but before it's concluded, will be added to the end of the line, in the order attempted purchases are made. Once the lottery concludes, the event moves to general sale and any inventory that is left can be purchased normally.

The Lottery

When the lottery time arrives three things will take place, in the following order:

  • All buyers will be sorted into a randomized order
  • Multipass will go down the list and determine, in this new order, if enough tickets remain to fill a given order request. Orders are marked as approved but cards have not yet been charged and tickets have not been issued. This gives people near immediate insight into their lottery status.
  • Multipass processes all approved lottery purchases. This involves capturing funds and issuing tickets. The buyer will receive an email to notify them that they have tickets.

Anyone who did not receive lottery tickets will then receive an email that they were not selected.