BizBonobos Speed Networking

Thursday, August 22, 2024 8:00PM - August 22 10:00PM
By Kiki the Property Dominator • [email protected]

Early Bird
Price: $10.00
Fees: $1.83, Total: $11.83

General Admission
Price: $20.00
Fees: $2.35, Total: $22.35



Phone: 720-226-2435

Do you like to network and socialize with like minded peeps? Or maybe you don't love meeting new people, but your business requires networking!? Join us for our first ever Speed Networking! This event will ensure you get face time with everyone in the room. Find the people you connect with the best and set a future 1:1 to deepen the connection.
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Be on time and get entered into the drawing to win a kinky/sexy prize!

Welcome to BizBonobos: The Business with Benefits Network!! We are professionals, business owners, and conscious consumers who want to strengthen our sex positive and alternative lifestyle communities by supporting our local businesses. We support each other’s businesses with the same enthusiasm and dedication as when we are fulfilling each other’s wildest fantasies.

We host several events: Network & Learn Meetings, Mix 'n' Mingles, and Speed Networking. In addition to guest speakers who teach relevant business topics, we make connections, build relationships, discuss business challenges, provide ideas and feedback to each other, source small business resources, and share referrals!

"Outing" is the nonconsensual disclosure of a person’s involvement in kink, ethical non-monogamy, or other alt-sex behaviors. Referrals and business are shared, but information about a person's involvement in any alternative lifestyles is not shared without explicit consent. All outing violations will be reported to National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

At the same time, mentioning an affiliation with BizBonobos is NOT considered outing. BizBonobos members and guests are from many different lifestyles, and associating with our group does not equal any designation or affiliation with any alternative lifestyle. When you attend and participate in BizBonobos, people may make assumptions, which could have negative repercussions for you, your family, or your business. 

The Rueth Team, 750 W Hampden Ave #500, Englewood, CO

Snacks provided by Property Dominator and adult bevvies by Mystic Mountain Distillery.

$10 early bird - ends Tue, Aug 20
$20 general admission
Charges will appear on your bill/statement as BizBonobos


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Cross-posted, so RSVPs are not accurate indicator of attendance.

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