Apogaea 2024: Surreal Safari

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 8:00AM - June 9 12:00PM
By Apogaea

General Admission Tier 1
Price: $220.00
Fees: $10.26, Total: $230.26

Unavailable or sold out.


Valdez, Colorado

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Apogaea is a regional Colorado Burning Man event, taking place every year in June. Art, performance, sustainability, radical inclusion, and radical self-reliance.

Join us, all are welcome!

Every participant age 13 and over at Apogaea MUST have a ticket! Ticket revenue supports the infrastructure needed to safely bring the event to fruition and the grant money for approved art. Without a ticket, you will be escorted out!

Every participant at Apogaea MUST sign a Liability Waiver! Waivers will be available at the gate. No need to print and bring one!

A guaranteed ticket for next year’s event will also be offered to people who meet one of the following criteria this year:

* Ratified Ignition member
* Spark volunteer
* A department directed ticket volunteer
* Anyone who completes 1 volunteer shift with BAMF or Rangers
* Anyone who completes a shift with hours between midnight and 8 am
* Anyone who completes 8+ volunteer hours with any other department not previously mentioned