Pummeled At The Palace

Friday, September 22, 2023 8:00PM - September 23 2:00AM
By RESET Productions • [email protected]


Sales are closed for this event.


Quarters: Rock and Roll Palace
900 E Center St
Milwaukee, Colorado 53212

Phone: 13034789304

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Milwaukee, WI – A sonic assault is planned for Milwaukee. On September 22, 2023, three artists — EAS, Tripped, and another unknown talent — will take over Quarter’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Palace. Dubbed ‘Pummeled at the Palace’, the event promises heavy, pulsating bass and hard-hitting, high-BPM electronic music. Many locals have expressed their excitement. One Milwaukee resident said, “I cannot wait to be shaken to my core.” Yet not everyone is so pleased.

The Fun Police claim these artists have committed frequent violations against Fun Police law. Sasha Wanker, Fun Police Chief, issued the following statement: “Our mission is to preserve public order and maintain decorum. That cannot be accomplished until freedom of expression is eradicated. We’ve been collaborating with fellow Fun Police agencies in Europe and across the United States to put an end to this wave of madness. We ask for the public’s support.”

The public, however, seems to have other ideas. Attempts to silence the artists have led to unexpected outcomes. Each time the Fun Police attempt to reach the artists for capture, they find themselves facing an unexpected force—a tight-knit, fast-moving dance floor. One former officer left the Fun Police immediately after his first attempt to capture the artists. Recounting the experience, he said, “Man, you try to push through that dance floor, there are two things you’re gonna get: a black eye and a contact high. The first time that happened, I stopped pushing and started dancing.”

Milwaukee residents seem to be aligned in their opposition to the Fun Police. One resident told this paper, “The FPs don’t even eat ass.” Another, speaking of the event, said, “Personally, I like getting pummeled,” before winking at our interviewer. Yet another exclaimed, “My baby will be due on June 22, 2024, baby! I’m getting pregnant!” He was male.


Show runs from 8:00pm - 2am. Great neighborhood dive bar that is going to get turned inside out with a full night of hard techno, acid, hardcore, industrial, breakcore, dnb/jungle, etc.....

Tickets on sale now at this very limited capacity venue. Few early-bird tickets will be available. This well sell out, don't wait around and miss out on this chance to see this lineup and on a banging sound-system.

Lots of merch and vinyl available from many of the artists during the show!