2nd Annual Colorado Psychedelic Cup

Saturday, November 2, 2024 8:00PM - November 2 11:00PM
By Psychedelic Club of Denver • [email protected]

Grower's Pass
Price: $15.00
Fees: $2.09, Total: $17.09

Awards Ceremony - General Admission
Price: $40.00
Fees: $7.58, Total: $47.58

Grower's Pass + Awards Ceremony
Price: $45.00


Seawell Ballroom
1350 Arapahoe St
Denver, Colorado 80204

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Already purchased a Grower's Pass? Head over to https://www.tryptomics.com/cup to order tests and submit your samples. Best of luck this year!

The Psychedelic Club of Denver is excited to host the Second Annual Colorado Psychedelic Cup! Last year was a resounding success with over 500 samples submitted, the largest psilocybin mushroom data set in the world to date. This year, the Cup is even bigger with more psychedelics accepted, more winners, and a larger venue - the Seawell Ballroom of the Denver Center for Performing Arts! The Psychedelic Club of Denver is a local grassroots non-profit dedicated to education, harm reduction, and community building. All proceeds from the Colorado Psychedelic Cup go directly towards bolstering our mission and our community.

The 2024 Colorado Psychedelic Cup is proudly partnering with Tryptomics to ensure the most accurate and reliable test results for all submissions. Available testing panels and competition categories include:
-Full tryptamine testing on mushrooms and extracts thereof
-Tryptamine edibles and homogeneity
-DMT potency and purity of extracts
-Mescaline containing cacti, biomass, and extracts

In order to submit samples to the Colorado Psychedelic Cup:
1. Purchase a Grower's Pass here. A Grower's Pass generates a unique anonymous Grower ID for submitting samples to Tryptomics. Limit one grower per Grower's Pass, though each Pass allows for any number of submissions.
2. Once you receive your email receipt, go to https://www.tryptomics.com/cup to order your tests. Select the panel(s), add your sample name, batch #, species name, and copy over your unique Grower ID from your Multipass receipt.
3. Check out and pay for your entry. Tryptomics will provide a Quickbooks invoice via email within 1-2 business days after your order.
4. Follow Tryptomics's sample intake guidelines included with the invoice to ensure your sample is labeled properly and arrives at the lab safely.
5. Your test results will be returned 1-4 weeks after the sample is submitted. Additionally the anonymized results will be made public on the Live Leaderboard hosted by Tryptomics so you can see your ranking as the competition unfolds!

Samples must be submitted to Tryptomics before October 2, 2024 to be included in the Cup.

Note: As the Colorado Psychedelic Cup welcomes growers from across the state and not everyone can make it to the Awards Ceremony, the Grower's Pass is now less expensive but does *not* include admission to the November 2 Awards Ceremony. We do, however, offer a bundle deal to purchase both a Grower's Pass and Awards Ceremony admission for a discounted price.