Link Your Multipass

If you're reading this with a Multipass card in your hand, looking to link it to your account then you're in the right place. Linking a card to your account requires the free Multipass app.

  1. Download the Multipass app from either
    1. Google Play
    2. Apple App Store
  2. Log in / Create Your Account

    Log into your account on the app.
    1. If you checked out as a guest you can use the email address that you entered during the checkout process.
    2. If you don't remember your password you can reset it from the login page on this website (link at the bottom right).
  3. Connect Your Card

    In the Multipass app, choose 'Account' in the bottom navigation. From here you can link your card in two ways.
    1. Tap "Link Multipass Card" and follow the instructions to link the NFC chip within your card.
    2. Tap "Link Card QR Code" and follow the instructions to link the QR code on your card to your account.

That's it! Now you can show up at any event that uses Multipass for their ticketing and either tap your card or scan the QR code for your admission!