Checking People In

There are a few ways to check people in. Use the app (with QR or NFC), use the (mobile) website, or print out your list (old school!)

Use the app

First, download and install the app on your phone using one of the following two links:

  1. Google Play
  2. Apple App Store

After you have installed the app on your iOS or Android device, log in. On the bottom nav touch 'scan' and then select the event you're checking people in for.

The next screen you see will allow you to scan QR codes. You can scan a QR from someone's printed ticket, the QR for their ticket in their app, the QR from the mobile webiste on their phone, or the QR from a linked Multipass card.

For individual tickets (all of the techniques above other than the card) you will get a response. A green check will indicate success. A red X will indicate failure and tell you why it failed.

When you scan a card it checks to see if any unused tickets are linked to the account and returns a success if there is at least one. It will also indicate how many tickets remain. A failure will indicate whether tickets were once available or not.

(Mobile) Website

Using the admin account, or another account granted access, visit the event page. If you have sufficient permissions then you'll see a button labeled "Check People In". Click it

You will see an alphabetical list of names (last, then first) as well as the associated email address for the account.

The top of the page has a filter box. Enter the first name, last name, or email of the person you are checking in. You can do parital values as well, but you'll have the most success if you stick with using just one of the fields. The list of names below will filter and only show you matches. This makes it really fast to find a specific person's entry.

On the right of each row it will tell you how many tickets they have. Clicking the row their name is on will exapnd the ticket selection. You will be able to see which tickets have been used and which remain.

Click the green button that says "Mark Used" to mark a ticket as used. You will see a notification that this was successful. Do this for as many tickets as they want to use in that moment.

Click the red X to collapse the tickets and send you back to the top of the page. Use the filter box for the next person and repeat the above steps.

Use a Printout

In the event admin nav you can select "People With Tickets" to export various forms of reports. This includes individual tickets or distinct names. Import this into Excel or just print it out. Cross names off as people arrive. This works well if you're in an area with no connection. This is also a good backup plan for all events for the rare moments you lose internet connectivity.